The Crisis

Over 100,000 girls between the ages of 9 to 19 are trafficked in the United States. Simply put, human trafficking is modern day slavery through force, fraud or coercion. Sex trafficking is the fastest-growing business of organized crime in the world. With only 37 residential programs available for trafficking victims in the U.S. and only 438 beds for minors...Sarah's Home is meeting a critical need.

Sarah's Home

Our program is designed to walk each girl through the process of learning to live as a survivor instead of a victim. The trauma they've experienced affects their whole being which is why we work to bring healing to the mind, body, and spirit. Our house is truly a home where survivors participate in personalized activities such as: life skills training, education, counseling, mentoring, art therapy and medical care. Our programs rely on God's provision through partnering with people and companies that believe in our mission.

Your Support

Your generous support of our Annual Benefit Gala is vital to the continued effectiveness of Sarah's Home. Simply put -  YOU are vital in helping the young survivors of sex trafficking. Your time, prayer, & financial contributions equal more healing & redemption for more girls.

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